Image representing construction litigation disputesThere are many moving parts in construction projects, including the involvement of multiple parties.

The experienced construction litigation lawyers at CDR Law have represented stakeholders in all areas of construction including contractors, developers, owners and insurers.

We understand the importance of keeping a project on schedule and having your business remain unaffected. That is why our goal is to resolve your issues in a timely manner, avoiding lengthy disputes that could interfere with your business.

Our experienced Construction Litigation Lawyers can help you with:

Builders’ Liens

Builders’ Liens are governed by the Builders’ Lien Act of Nova Scotia. They are used to secure payment and can be a very effective tool if used correctly. There are also strict rules and deadlines that must be followed. In addition, rules regarding holdbacks are critical to protecting an owner’s and general contractor’s liability. If you have a building project, contact us so we can help you navigate the requirements of the Builders’ Lien Act.

Client and lawyer discussing construction project litigation

Non-Performance and Deficient work

Have you paid for services on your construction site that are not being provided or have been provided but are deficient? You may have a claim and shouldn’t waste time acting upon it. Contact us so we can deal with the situation in real-time.


Most issues of non-payment in a construction project are dealt with under the Builders’ Lien Act, but on occasion, they might not be. For example, if you’ve missed the limitations period. If someone hasn’t paid you for work or material provided, contact us so we can help you collect.

Dispute Resolution

The courts are notoriously slow and expensive, which is why they are often a last resort. Using alternative methods such as negotiation and arbitration, we do our best to help clients resolve their issues without having to step foot in a courtroom. Contracts may also include arbitration clauses that prevent you from going to court. If you need a situation resolved, contact us so we can help you work through the problem.

Union Certification

Have your employees or labourers unionized on your job site? You will need to deal with this action right away. Contact us so we can help you negotiate with a unionized group.

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Construction projects can have a variety of issues. If you don’t see your issue listed, contact us anyway. If we can’t help you, we will find someone who can.

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