Cheerful couple listening to their estate planning lawyerEstate planning is about protecting your loved ones and assets and giving yourself the peace of mind that your estate will be in good hands should anything happen to you.

By using an experienced estate planning lawyer, you can ensure that your estate is following all legal requirements, making the process easier on your beneficiaries and executor.

Our lawyers are here to help in both the planning and administration of your estate. We understand the demands of estate administration and are here to help ease some of the stress from you and your loved ones.

Some key reasons clients hire an estate planning lawyer:

Create a Will

We can help you to develop a will and ensure that your assets will be distributed according to your wishes in the event of your death.

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Develop a Trust

There are two main types of trusts. A living trust and a testamentary trust. A living trust allows you to pass on your assets to beneficiaries while you are living, while a testamentary trust allows your assets to be passed on in the event of your death. Developing a trust can be a complicated process. Our experienced lawyers will guide you through to ensure that both you and your assets are protected.

Name a Power of Attorney

In the event that you fall critically ill and can no longer make decisions on your own, you can put in place a Power of Attorney to designate someone the legal power to make financial decisions on your behalf. By planning and ensuring you have a Power of Attorney in place, you remain in control of who makes key decisions when you are unable.

Elect an Executor for your Will

In the event of your death, you can name an executor on your will to manage your estate. The role of the executor is to distribute your estate including assets and property.

Personal Directive

In your estate plan, you can also list a personal directive to make all of your healthcare decisions on your behalf should you fall ill and become incapable of making the decisions on your own.

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Estate planning is important for all ages. Some key reasons you should put an estate plan in place:

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Protect your beneficiaries

With an estate plan in place, your beneficiaries will be listed, and your assets can be distributed according to your plan. Without an estate plan, your beneficiaries will have no say over your estate, leaving the courts to decide who gets what assets.

Protect your loved ones

An estate plan will reduce the amount of taxes to be paid on your assets. Without a plan in place, your loved ones can be left with a large sum of taxes to be paid on your estate. An estate plan will also allow you to name your children’s guardian in the event that both parents pass away before the children turn 18.

Protect yourself

By having an estate plan in place, you can have the peace of mind that choices are being made according to how you would like them to be.

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Wills & Probate

Probate is the process of legally validating a will. All estates go through probate. When a person dies, their assets must be distributed to their heirs. If a will is in place, those heirs are already set out. Our lawyers will help to ensure this process runs as smoothly as possible to help ease the stress during an already difficult time.

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Probate and Estate Administration

Acting as the Executor or Personal Representative for a loved one’s estate can feel overwhelming and confusing.

After a person dies, it may be necessary to “probate” the Estate, which is a set process through the Probate Court. There are different terms used depending on whether the person died with or without a Will.

We can meet with you to discuss whether it will be necessary to probate the Will. If it is, we can assist you with that process as much or as little as you would like.

Our Wills & Estates Team: